December 21st, 2011


New Features Today!

We've got some new features to talk about today!

Your front page has a couple of new styles.You can now select square or diamond thumbnails from the front page selector. You will find that there's a new button on the front page selector named Modify Front Page which takes you to a whole set it much requested advanced features!

You can now upload your own thumbnail to any gallery in the list if you don't like the one we've automatically set for you. You can set a short description for any of your galleries too! You can now hide any of the galleries from showing up on your front page and you can now put content before or after this listing including images using our rich editor.

If you'd prefer to separate out your listings you can now click the Add Gallery Grouping button and get all the same features for a smaller section of your portfolio.

Happy portfolioing! We've got another feature coming before the year is out!

September 6th, 2011


Our New Blog!

Hi guys!

This is our new blog here on Brushd! We're going to blog about updates to Brushd as well as cool things we find on the Internet. We're using the same blogging tool used on your Brushd portfolio which means we can include updates from other sites we participate on, so that means we can include tumblr posts as well as write blog posts!

If you haven't already tried us out yet check us out and sign up today!

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